Monday, December 17, 2007

Begining the Winter of Code

If Google can have a summer of code why can't I have a Winter of Code?

Next semester I have a class that makes many people cringe at it's name. It is heavy in Ada and in concurrency. I would like to polish my skills in preparation for this class. I have the free time this winter break to do so, hence the winter of code.

I have two projects on my agenda at the moment. In the Spring of '07 I was given a project to solve the heat problem. My solution worked, but it had some occasional deadlock. Fixing this shouldn't be a big deal, but a nice warmer into heavier things. Also the same semester I created a rather small search engine. I would like to expand it and make it more robust.

A longer goal for this project is to improve my writing ability and possibly some Ada programming advocacy. Those two can only be solved by persistence and topics to write about. I do have my workout journal elsewhere on the internet and this may see the occasional crossover.

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